Culture Week-2020 has ended

A large gala concert was held in the administrative center of the Dashoguz velayat, which became the final event of the Culture Week held here and dedicated to the Day of Culture and Art Workers, widely celebrated in our country, as well as the poetry of Makhtumkuli Fraghi.

The creative action, which took place in the northern region of the country, was attended by well-known performers, professional groups and popular folklore groups, as well as artists starting their journey in great art. The colorful panorama of the holiday has hosted numerous events.

Within the framework of the Week, scientific conferences, exhibitions of fine and decorative arts, museum values, and publishing products were held. Poetry lovers became participants in the literary evening, performances of the Bakhshi took place. Versatile talents were demonstrated by young participants in the art forum. Masters of the theater stage prepared their presents for the holiday.

It is especially worth noting that rural cultural centers, where a number of events were held, were involved in the orbit of the Culture Week. The participants of the Culture Week also visited the mausoleum of the prominent Turkmen scientist-encyclopedist and literary figure of the Middle Ages, Mahmoud Zamakhshari, located on the territory of the ancient Yzmikshir fortress 25 kilometers from Dashoguz.

On the final day of the forum, a ceremony of laying flowers at the monument to Makhtumkuli Fraghi in the square named after the great Turkmen poet took place in Dashoguz.

The final chord of the creative events was the celebration held on Gorogly Square. Folk tunes and modern rhythms sounded from the open stage. The program was decorated with choreographic compositions.

One of the key moments of the celebration was the symbolic transfer of the relay of the Culture Week, which will be held in Lebap Province in 2021.

Then the united collective of folklore-ethnographic groups performed kushtdepdi. The powerful energy of the ancient ritual performance, its expressive choreographic vocabulary, colorful costumes of the performers created an unusual emotional spectacle that emphasized the diversity and life-affirming message of national culture and art.